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15/04/2018 - Press Release - 46th Trofeo Città di Loano - Uci Junior Cycle Race 1.1 MJ
The Trofeo Città di Loano crowns Karel Vacek!
Show and emotions in the classic of the Riviera delle Palme reserved for juniors

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The 46th Trofeo Città di Loano crowns the Czech Karel Vacek (Team F.lli Giorgi) author of a capital test that has allowed him to remove all the highly anticipated adversaries along the ramps of the Bivio Magliolo and to present itself in perfect solitude on the promenade of Loano (Sv). On the  podium, alongside the great ruler of the day Antonio Tiberi (Team Franco Ballerini) and Martin Marcellusi (The Pirate) among the best in the  difficult day staged on the streets of the Riviera delle Palme characterized by a strong wind and a sky rich in clouds that, however, spared the  rain to a fast and combative group from the first to the last of 127 kilometers scheduled.
THE CHRONICLE - In 156 they took off from Piazza Italia, which with a warm embrace welcomed the best juniors from all over Europe. After a quick  start that put the whole group to the whip for the first two hours of the race, it was the Russian Lev Gonov (Lokosphinx) who broke the delay on  the ascent of Boissano and only flew towards the grand finale. The Russian athlete has gained a maximum advantage of 1'50 "on the group but has  paid duty in the most challenging stretch of the ascent of Bivio Magliolo where the pursuers have gained ground soon returning to the wake of  the tread.When the last GPM of the day was now in sight, to re-launch the action was another guy from the east, the Czech Karel Vacek (Team  F.lli Giorgi), which with a progression of rare power has made the gap and has passed the summit with 45 " on the couple composed by Antonio  Tiberi (Team Franco Ballerini) and Alessandro Fancellu (Cc Canturino 1902) while all the others were looking back. In the fast descent that  leads to Loano, there is just the right time to note the last desperate attempt to comeback, scored by Antonio Tiberi and to celebrate the  company of Karel Vacek with an authentic standing ovation on the promenade of Loano full of enthusiasts as tradition dictates. Antonio Tiberi  (Team Franco Ballerini) is 29 "away, while at 11" Martin Marcellusi (Pirate Z'Niper World Bike) regulates the squad of the most immediate  pursuers.
THE VOICES OF THE PROTAGONISTS - "The numbers recorded by this 46th edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano" commented the mayor of Loano Luigi  Pignocca "Once again confirm the success and importance of this sporting event, which over the years has become a real and its 'very classic'  expected both locally and nationally and internationally. Also this year hundreds of athletes from all over Europe have appeared at the start,  demonstrating the huge following that this prestigious event has. As a municipal administration we thank the Anselmo family and all the  volunteers who worked on the success of this edition of the Trophy: you gave us another day of great sport ". "As an administration", added the  councilor for tourism, culture and sport Remo Zaccaria "We were pleased to see how many young riders wanted to participate in this Trofeo Città  di Loano. Not only our fellow Samuele Manfredi, who is having exceptional results in every competition contributing to bring up the name of our  city, but also many guys of great hopes united by the passion for two wheels. Also and above all this is necessary for events like the Trofeo  Città di Loano: to give space to young people and help them grow as athletes and as individuals ". On the seventh sky, after the finish line,  Karel Vacek, a Czech athlete, born in 2000, grew up in the ranks of Team F.lli Giorgi: "In the first few weeks of 2018 I was quite unlucky but I  meticulously prepared this race because I knew that it was the first prestigious appointment of the season.I started feeling good and uphill I  managed to make the difference: I am very happy to have succeeded because I wanted to do well and because I wanted to give my team a great  satisfaction ". Some regrets, however, for Antonio Tiberi, athlete in the first year among the juniors after being among the best students on  the national scene last year: "This is my first important result of the season, I'm sorry not to be able to hook Vacek in the final race, I felt  good, I felt I could succeed but he never slowed down and I was forced to settle for the silver medal, a result that is of value to me that  allows me to look forward with confidence to try to grasp the victory as early as next week ". Satisfied the Lazio Martin Marcellusi for a  podium that has repaid him of a heartfelt and generous performance: "If we repeat this race 100 times I am convinced that Vacek would win 100  more times I am happy to be able to snatch a podium so important in a day difficult and in the face of very high level opponents ". Smile on the  lips also for Samuele Manfredi, loanese athlete, among the most awaited at the start, who finished in thirtieth position: "There are good days  and days when nothing goes as it should." Today I tried to stretch in the first part because I wanted to be the protagonist and give emotions to  the many friends who were waiting for me along the way but they did not let me go: so I made myself available to my team-mates for the final  race. has won over the success ". "The Trofeo Città di Loano has also confirmed itself today to the height of its history" commented at the end  of the day the president of the Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo, Domenico Anselmo. "I want to thank the Municipal Administration, all the sponsor  friends and the many volunteers who have worked for the safety of the athletes in the race: it is thanks to everyone if Loano has experienced  another wonderful cycling day today".

Arrival order of the 46° Trofeo Città di Loano:
1° Karel Vacek (Team F.lli Giorgi) 127,3 km in 3h01'39" at avreage speed of 42,048 km/h
2° Antonio Tiberi (Team Franco Ballerini) a 29"
3° Martin Marcellusi (Il Pirata Z’Niper World Bike) a 1'11"
4° Andrea Piccolo (Team LVF)
5° Alessandro Fancellu (Cc Canturino 1902)
6° Marco Frigo (Danieli 1914)
7° Gabriele Benedetti (Work Service)
8° Alessio Martinelli (Team F.lli Giorgi)
9° Juan Tito Rendon (Vc Lugano)
10° Gabriele Porta (Fosco Bessi)

11/04/2018 - Press Release - 46th Trofeo Città di Loano - Uci Junior Cycle Race 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano: the international challenge promises show!
Great expectations for the race scheduled on Sunday on the streets of the Riviera delle Palme

Just a few days left before the 46th edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano and the first international challenge of 2018 reserved for juniors  that will run on Italian roads promises show thanks to a parterre of talents of the highest level. The great work of the staff  del Velo Club Loano - Cycles Anselmo has also allowed this year to gather at the start the best of European youth cycling that is  will compare the 127.3 km scheduled to reward the successor of the French Jeremy Montauban (Chambery Cyclisme) who last year  awarded this prestigious classic loanese. "Also this year we focused on the quality of the participants and on a path now  tested which has proven over the years to be very selective to ensure the demanding two-wheel enthusiasts a race to height  of the history and the blazon of the Trofeo Città di Loano "explained the president of the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo, Domenico Anselmo.  "On Sunday at 13.20 we will move from Piazza Italia with a group made up of the best athletes of the European scene for a challenge that will be uncertain  up to the last meter. I want to thank now the Municipal Administration of Loano and the many sponsors that have allowed us to put in  site this appointment. A great recognition goes also to the many volunteers who will be busy on Sunday along the way  guarantee the safety of the athletes in the race: we expect a race full of emotions, all to experience, from the first to the last kilometer ".  "Also this weekend our city will host an international sporting event - the mayor of Loano Luigi adds  Pignocca and the councilor for tourism, culture and sport Remo Zaccaria - For 46 years the Trofeo Città di Loano has been one of the most  expected of the regional and national cycling season. The edition of this year, then, can count on the participation of many athletes  foreigners from all over Europe, demonstrating the enormous success of this prestigious event. Obviously all eyes  of the loanesi will be focused on our Samuele Manfredi, who with pleasure we will see running on the streets of home in search of victory. But beyond  beyond what will be the outcome, we are sure that the values ??of sport will triumph once again on Sunday. As a municipal administration,  therefore, we can only thank the Anselmo family and all the volunteers who work hard every year to organize the Trophy  City of Loano ".
FAVORITES - Long list of pretenders to the final success starting from the outgoing champions of Chambery Cyclisme: among the  row of the transalpine, in fact, figure Alex Baudin fresh winner of the general classification of the Tour du Leman. Keep an eye on them too  Swiss Velo Club Lugano, the Lokosphinx Russians and the Slovenians who will be able to count on the national team and the  young people from Ljubljana As. Among the Italians, the most awaited will certainly be the loanese Samuele Manfredi (Work Service Romagnano) who in  this 2018 has already collected the success in the Ghent Wevelgem Juniores and Sunday ended in second place also in the Paris-Roubaix  reserved for the youngest. But the headlights will also be focused on the LVF Team couple made up of two authentic promises of the blue movement  the likes of the climber Samuele Rubino and the young passista Andrea Piccolo; The ambitions of success also feed the Lazio Martin  Marcellusi (Il Pirata) and the Veronese Samuele Carpene (Assali Stefen Omap). The former has already imposed itself on the arrivals of Baragiano (Pz) and Floridia  (Sr) while the second took an important silver medal in the Coppa Dondeo and raised his arms to the sky on Sunday on the difficult  finish line of San Vendemiano (Tv). La Canturino 1902, a formation that celebrated its success in 2016 and went very close to the double  last year thanks to Andrea Bagioli, will be able to count this year on the Como Alessandro Fancellu always placed in this start of the season  while the GB Junior Team will have in the Pavese Nicolò Parisini, two victories in the active also for him in 2018, its diamond tip Alessio  Martinelli and Karel Vacek (Team F.lli Giorgi) will arrive, however, in Liguria in search of the first seasonal success after the incredible  series of placings scored in recent weeks that have certified the excellent state of form. To keep an eye, finally, too  the performances of Alex Raimondi (Otelli Aspiratori), Antonio Tiberi (Team Franco Ballerini) and Andrea Biancalani (Team Unicash Due C). A cheer  special, then, will be reserved on the streets of the Riviera delle Palme in the Savona area of ??Pietra Ligure, Matteo Condorelli in the race with the tunic  dell'Esperia Petalo. These are the names that were highlighted in the first month of competitions reserved for juniors, even if many others  talents could blossom right along the streets of Savona to become protagonists of a competition that is always fascinating and open to  every solution that can be followed also live on the site starting at 13.00.
9.00 -  Opening of the secretariat - Loano, Piazza Italia
12.00 pm - Team presentation - Loano, Piazza Italia
1.20 pm - Departure of the Offices - Loano, Piazza  Italy
1.30 pm - Official Departure - Loano, Via Aurelia
4.30 pm - Arrival - Loano, Corso Roma (Lungomare)
4.45 pm - Protocol ceremony  award ceremony
THE ROUTE: The route will wind into three sections; the first of about 70 km in the interior Albenganese not particularly  challenging. The second with the first passage from Loano will face the first ascent of the day, Boissano of about 3 km with a first  GPM until you get to the second pass from Loano. The third will take the Via Aurelia until the town of Finale Ligure will go to  tackle the final 10km climb of Eze-Magliolo (GPM), descent towards Pietra Ligure. The last 3 km are entirely flat up  upon arrival, at Loano in Corso Roma.
TRAFFIC LIMITATIONS: Throughout the day, from 9.00 am until the end of  the event will be forbidden to transit motor vehicles along Corso Roma in Loano. Momentary interruptions to traffic, with possible  slowdowns, will be arranged along the Via Aurelia, and in other streets affected by the event, at the time of the passage of the  caravan bounded by means of start and end of travel.
WEATHER FORECASTS: Sunday, April 15th is expected overcast sky over the entire Riviera delle  Palms but without significant precipitation. The temperature will be stable around 15 ° C with strong wind in the North-North East direction.

29/03/2018 - Press Release - 46th Trofeo Città di Loano - Uci Junior Cycle Race 1.1 MJ

Samuele Manfredi: "Now I dream of the Trofeo Città di Loano!"
There will be a special welcome for the loanese who has already won the first two races of the 2018 season

The junior season has kicked off for just two weeks but the world of youth cycling already has a great protagonist: it is the loanese, Samuele  Manfredi who has already scored in the first two outings of 2018. The guy in force at Work Service Romagnano, has beaten the competition not  only in Italy, going to take a solo escape the GF Cassani Youth who ran in Solarolo (Ra) but also the international one winning last Sunday the  Gand-Wevelgem reserved for juniors and went on stage on the roads of Northern Europe that a few hours later crowned Peter Sagan for the third  time. Caster's armor, black curls and a smile always on his lips: this is Samuele Manfredi who now looks at the Trofeo Città di Loano that will  run on his roads next April 15th. The event enjoys the contribution and sponsorship of tourism, culture and sport of the Municipality of Loano.
"I already had the pleasure of running it last year with an excellent result, a fourth place behind three great riders starring in a stellar  2017. It's a tactically very complicated race, and in the group you feel a lot of tension being the first international race for almost  everyone, but running with a lot of concentration from the first to the last minute you can try to conquer it "Manfredi confided that last year  he had regulated the sprint of the most immediate pursuers of the trio composed by the French Mountauban and Lefaure and by Rastelli at the end  of 2017 he graduated vice world champion.
And the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo, together with the many fans of two wheels and the municipal administration of Loano is preparing a  special welcome for its "enfant du pays", as confirmed by the mayor Luigi Pignocca: "We always follow the companies Samuele and we cheer for  him: having the opportunity to see him at work on our roads is an honor for us.I am sure that Sunday, April 15th, the fans of Loano (and not  only) will be present in mass both uphill and on goal to incite Samuele and all the other guys who will come from all over Europe for what is  now a classic and unmissable appointment of our calendar ".
"The Trofeo Città di Loano - adds the councilor for tourism, culture and sport Remo Zaccaria - is now part of the sporting history of our city.  For our administration it is always a pleasure to support and sponsor this event, which is a very important showcase for hundreds of young  athletes and for all our territory. A real 'very classic' that once again confirms the now proverbial union between Loano and the world of  sport, especially the one that sees the youngest protagonists ".
Samuele Manfredi is a boy who leaves nothing to chance and feels he has a decisive season for his career on two wheels: "This year is very  important for my career. It is important to be known by young people to have hopes of reaching the world of cycling that counts, and now I have  this opportunity that I'm trying to make the best of it.The preparation of this winter was aimed at having an excellent condition in this very  important start of the season where I have the opportunity to participate at many international competitions in Italy and abroad For the rest of  the season there is still a lot to define, but I have goals both on the road and in the time trial and on the track ".
And after the one-two placed in the first two weeks of races, the dream is to bring a loanese on the highest step of the podium in the classic  of the Riviera delle Palme: "Being able to race on the streets gives a beautiful feeling, all the challenges with friends made in training for a  game become a real race, a dream come true.I have followed her since I was a child when I was impressed to see those cyclists darting a bit  mad.We know I am now playing the part of the cyclist a bit crazy fills me with joy and pride ", continued Manfredi. "Almost every day I struggle  and suffer on the magnificent roads that you travel with the Trofeo Città di Loano and I know the path very well, but I will not fail to review  the last important descent and the final straight, where I will stop for an ice cream stop ".
Samuele Manfredi, therefore, looks with confidence, ambition and serenity at the home appointment, aware that the opponents will not fail to try  to put him in trouble. "The Loano Trophy does not win in a particular passage of the race, you win by running away from danger and wasting as  little as possible. Certainly the ascent and descent are decisive, but the race does not end there. I am convinced that anyone who wants to win  must first become the protagonist of a brilliant move to make the difference, but it is not a skill you can train on and this makes the winner  of the Loano Trophy a real runner! "

07/03/2018 - Press Release - 46th Trofeo Città di Loano - Uci Junior Cycle Race 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano: select the first 38 teams at the start!
A little over a month from the start, the group that will be the protagonist of the Trofeo Città di Loano takes shape

It is now just over a month at the start of the 46th Trofeo Città di Loano that will run on the streets of the Riviera delle Palme next April 15th and, in view of the first international trial of the Italian junior calendar, the group of over 150 athletes who will be called to be protagonists along the 127 kilometers scheduled.
To date, in all, there are 38 trainings selected by the staff of the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo of which 31 Italian and 8 from abroad: France, Russia, Switzerland and Slovenia will be represented at the starting lines of the classic race in addition to main Italian regions.
"Our secretariat has done a huge job to select the many requests for participation we have received in recent months.The Trofeo Città di Loano this year will be the first international showcase that will be run in our country and all the teams have demonstrated the the will to be well on these roads ", said the President of the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo, Domenico Anselmo. "For our part, thanks to the support of institutions, sponsors and the commitment of the many volunteers who work with us, we want to offer a great welcome to those who will come to Loano to experience an intense day of sport".
The countdown to the appointment next April 15 has officially started: the wait gets more and more intense on the loanesi roads for a Trofeo Città di Loano which is once again full of charm and emotions.

The Italian teams registered:

The foreign teams registered:

08/02/2018 - Press Release - 46th Trofeo Città di Loano - Uci Junior Cycle Race 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano: more international than ever!
Boom of requests from abroad for the first international trial of the Italian calendar

The Italian professional calendar will open on Sunday in Laigueglia (Sv) but, in the meantime, in Loano (Sv), the international opening reserved for juniors is already being looked at. What will be staged on Sunday 15 April, in fact, will be the Trofeo Città di Loano more international than ever; the first international test of the Italian calendar reserved for juniors, in fact, has recorded in recent months a real boom of requests for participation coming not only from the main Italian formations but also, and above all, from foreign ones.
The success achieved in the 45th edition by the French Jeremy Mountauban (Chambery Cyclisme) has aroused the appetite of the most ambitious teams in Europe; a novelty that the organizers of the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo have welcomed with satisfaction and enthusiasm as confirmed by the words of the president, Domenico Anselmo: "It is a pride for us that our event is recognized and coveted throughout Europe: this year also the UCI calendar helps us, not foreseeing any concurrence at continental level.This is why we welcomed the numerous requests coming from abroad: in the next weeks we will proceed to a selection of both Italian teams and foreign teams to give the possibility to best athletes to play success on our roads. "
An edition, therefore, once again of the highest level that will run on the streets of the Riviera delle Palme and which will be characterized, as usual, by the false plain that leads to Pieve di Teco and the climbs of Boissano and Magliolo. "This track has been tested over the years and has always proved to be selective and spectacular, so we will keep our formula unchanged with the intention of rewarding once again the best talents of world cycling that, we hope, will be able to assert themselves. even in the upper categories as already done by Luca Barla, Daniele Ratto, Diego Ulissi and many others who have imposed themselves on our goal "concluded Domenico Anselmo.
The appointment, therefore, is scheduled for Sunday, April 15, 2018 when in Loano (Sv), in the enchanting scenery of the Riviera delle Palme the best juniors in Europe will come back to challenge each other to give spectacle and emotions to the many cycling enthusiasts.




04/02/2017 - press release - Trofeo Città di Loano - Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

LOANO: French party with Jeremy Mountauban
Twist 3 km from the finish: Andrea Bagioli stopped by a puncture

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French Fete at the 45th Trofeo Città di Loano where to get the better, after a close race and full of twists, was Frenchman Jeremy Mountauban (Chambery Cyclisme) ahead of the Italian Luca Rastelli (Cc Cremonese) and all 'another trans Paule Lefaure (Bourgogne Team). Fourth place, however, for the home Samuele Manfredi talent (Romagnano).
THE DETAILS - In 144 took off from the central Piazza Italy to the delight of the large audience that loanese greeted with thunderous applause recalled the colorful caravan at the start by the excellent organizational work of the Velo Club Loano Cycles Anselmo.
Just time to lower the checkered flag and the brawl is open: many attacks that have taken place without finding fortune but who have contributed to raising the average of the first hour of the race to more than 40.400 km / h.
The first to be able to escape from the control of the group was, the fiftieth kilometer race, the francese Florian fattier (Bourgogne Team) who, after reaching a maximum advantage of 1'24 "was reached after the first Grand Prix day of Mountain, located in Boissano.
At the entrance of the climb that led to Bivio Magliolo the group has presented so compact: on challenging ramps of the climb on the program was the winner of 2016, Andrea Bagioli (Cc Canturino 1902) to stage a real show . The guy in the yellow-blue jersey has imposed its own forcing scollinando first with 20 "of Montauban (Chambery), Benedetti (Romagnano), Vacek (Kranj), Ruby (Team LVF), Rastelli (Cremonese) and Lefaure (Bourgogne).
Downhill, Bagioli has further extended their lead, but just when it seemed launched towards a second consecutive success, three kilometers from the finish was forced to deal with a puncture that forced him to stop and ask for the intervention of the rear wheel transmission.
An operation that has granted the trio consisting of Montauban (Chambery), Rastelli (Cremonese) and Lefaure (Bourgogne) to reach and exceed the tread and therefore present on Loano promenade to play all around the sprint.
A long sprint launched just by Jeremy Mountauban (Chambery Cyclisme) who managed to resist the return of a generous Luca Rastelli (Cc Cremonese 1891). For about ten seconds away, then, Samuele Manfredi (Romagnano Guerciotti Mami's Caffè) ruled the posse of pursuers getting well, the first year in the category, a decidedly flattering placement.
LEADERS - Extremely happy with the winner Jeremy Mountauban, physical grenadier and feline look: "Today I knew I was good but I was afraid the rain threatens. When Bagioli stretched climb I could not follow him but then I tried to achieve in the plains . he has laundry and when we passed I realized that I could win. when I saw the arrival I launched the sprint and I are no longer going to send for anyone, "explained Mountauban.
Embittered but aware of the excellent breakthrough test, Andrea Bagioli: "It 'was a perfect race up to three kilometers from the finish. Then, unfortunately, came this hole and I was forced to stop. It burns to lose a race like this but at the same time, I understand I have a very good physical condition and that I will be able to take the revenge already next Sunday. "
With a smile, at the end of the day, the President of Velo Club Loano - Anselmo cycles, Domenico Anselmo: "Despite the weather forecasts were not the best, today the weather has graced us. It 'was a wonderful day of cycling and so numerous public has paid off for all the efforts made in recent months: thank you for the support of the city administration, the sponsors and all the volunteers who have helped us to make sure that everything went well. he won a French athlete , this we are happy and proud, although sorry for Bagioli who came to the brink of historic double. this evening we enjoy a well earned rest, tomorrow we will start working to prepare the 2018 edition of this unique event that this year has given us great emotions. "

Iscritti: 144   Partiti: 144   Arrivati: 91
Tempo: 3h04'53"   123 km   Media: 39,917 km/h

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Ordine d'arrivo:
1° Jeremy Mountauban (Chambery Cyclisme)
2° Luca Rastelli (Cc Cremonese 1891)
3° Paul Lefaure (Team Bourgogne)
4° Samuele Manfredi (Romagnano Guerciotti Mami's Caffè) a 10”
5° Pier Elis Belletta (Cc Cremonese 1891)
6° Alessandro Fancellu (Cc Canturino 1902)
7° Samuele Rubino (Team LVF)
8° Jacopo Pesenti (Gs Massì Supermercati)
9° Andrea Bagioli (Cc Canturino 1902)
10° Nik Cemazar (Team Kranj)

03/31/2017 - press release - Trofeo Città di Loano - Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano: 144 members, the best
Great expectations for the 45th edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano

Tomorrow serà the usual  Gala Opening There are now less than 48 hours at the start of the 45th edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano and the classic of the Riviera is already  in the dreams of many young talents in the world of two wheels that will arrive on savonesi roads from all parts of Europe to try to  win one of the most prestigious laurels entire international calendar reserved for juniors. In all, 144 athletes  Members admitted at the start by the staff of Velo Club Loano Cycles Anselmo, representing 36 teams from six  regions and seven different countries: "The future of the European cycling goes from here," he said pleased the president of the association loanese,  Domenico Anselmo. "We are delighted to welcome this year also promises the best of two wheels that will compete on our  streets dreaming of one day winning an important race like Milan Sanremo and giving our fans a show made of  Color, excitement and passion. "To embellish the large batch of athletes at the start there will be, the winner of the last edition, Andrea  Bagioli (CC Canturino 1902) and the highly anticipated talent "home" Simone Manfredi (James Romagnano Mamis Coffee Guerciotti) already scored in this 2017  to debut at the finish line of La California (Li), along with many other young people who want to use the opportunity to shine in the eyes  the national coach Rino De Candido that this year will closely follow the Trofeo Città di Loano. "This test will be crucial to understand  Which of our guys will be competitive in the coming months even on difficult routes and at the same time, to test the value  foreigners with whom we shall have to face the most important goals of the season "has made it clear, in fact, the coach from Friuli, the  guide the blue team of juniors. Among the watchlist, no doubt, will figure the Veronese Giulio Masotto winner  last Sunday in Gussago (Bs) and Samuele Carpene, both under the axles Cipollini Stefen led by former professional Nicola Minali;  Eyes will also be on Gabriele Benedetti (James Romagnano Mamis Coffee Guerciotti) that in this part of the season has already collected two  second places and Luca Rastelli (Cc Cremonese 1891) came with their arms up in the trial of San Paolo d'Argon (BG). There waiting, finally,  see the work also quoted foreign athletes and the home crowd will be all for loanese Enrico Sebastiano (Esperia Petal). The  premises for another great cycling day we are really all: as usual, you can watch the race live through the portal that will tell in real time the evolution of the competition. At this time, on the streets of Loano,  the wait has become palpable: all is ready, the word now passes to the athletes!

03/21/2017 - press release - Trofeo Città di Loano - Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano: chosen the 38 teams at the start!
To visit the new historic section of the website

Also the 45th edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano will boast a prestigious participation: the staff of the Velo Club Loano - Cycles Anselmo headed by President Domenico Anselmo, in fact, after receiving for months, registration requests from all parts of Europe, proceeded to select 38 teams on 2 April will compete for the first international trial of the Italian calendar for juniors. In all, therefore, will be 38 teams at the start of the 2017 edition Savona classic, of which seven foreign teams from France, Russia and Slovenia: "This year we had to skim the long list of candidates to choose the best Italian and foreign teams. We expected the first week of races to understand better the balance in the field and, today, the list of registered teams is complete, "explained Domenico Anselmo. "We will have to via Andrea Bagioli, winner of the past edition, as required by the cycling tradition, will start with number one. Other talents to keep an eye on the Slovenian national champion, Nik Cemažar and many other exciting young as Samuele Manfredi and Simone Innocenti who have already gone to sign the first Sunday of races for juniors Italians ". A race to the future, one that has allowed many young champions to be known by the general public of cycling and this year will also mark the culmination of the festivities on the occasion of the fortieth year of the Velo Club Loano Cycles Anselmo. An anniversary that has stimulated the loanese group to forge a true "historical section" within the official website (click here to consult her) collecting all the photos and the most interesting newspaper articles tell of the past editions of the Trofeo Città di Loano.
Here you will find the 38 teams allowed at the start of the 45th Trofeo Città di Loano

01/23/2017 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano: unveiled the 45th edition
Open in the best way the 40th season of the Velo Club Loano Cycles Anselmo


The season number 40 of the Velo Club Loano - Anselmo Cycles opened auspiciously, Saturday night, in the prestigious setting of the Sala Luna Rossa of Loano 2 Village, with the presentation of the 45th edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano, international trial reserved the juniors will race on the roads of the Riviera on 2 April.
"Despite the many difficulties that you encounter every year, we go along with the will to ensure a bright future to the history of this important company" began the president of the association Savona, Domenico Anselmo "Thanks to the support of the City Administration, the contribution of all our supporters and our valuable employees have the opportunity to bring forward the setting up of an international tender and prestigious as the Trofeo Città di Loano that this year will also see the way the best of European cycling. the formula our race does not change: it has proved successful over the years and we believe it will be in 2017 ".
In the front row, to support the organizational efforts of the Velo Club Loano Cycles Anselmo, the municipal government headed by Mayor Luigi Pignocca who stressed: "This event is part of the history of our city: people like Carlo and Domenico Anselmo are points of reference for our community and their commitment in favor of cycling deserves the highest recognition. " Words of praise also came from deputy mayor Luca Lettieri, who added: "Loano is accustomed to international events, but this showcase aimed at younger allows us to raise awareness around the world the beauty of our area, we are ready to welcome in the best way the whole group at the start, convinced that they will return to visit us in the future. "
As a reminder of the importance of the union between Loano and the sports world was, finally, the Councillor for Sports Remo Zacharias: "When talking about Loano as sports city is well to remember the numbers: in 2016 we hosted 7,200 athletes all the different disciplines. Today sport is a mass phenomenon, but above all, it means tourism and economy. That's why our municipal government welcomes every sports initiative and, in particular, the Trofeo Città di Loano. on April 2nd, among other things, it will be a day of sport really rich: re-present, in fact, the combination with Maremontana. in the morning will be the protagonists lovers of trail and walking while the afternoon will be devoted entirely to youth cycling ".
To celebrate the history of the Velo Club Loano - Anselmo cycles are not missed the applause for Charles and Michele Anselmo Olocco, one of the founders of Savona company recalled: "In the evening of 1977 where he was born this association were present at some of the characters
important national cycling: not only athletes but also experts and journalists like Bruno Scrape. we have always worked in favor of younger and for us it is an honor to be able to boast a roll of honor of great value as that of our trophy that matters among its winners today names become famous as those of Diego Ulissi, Daniele Ratto, Luca Wackermann and Simone Velasco ".
And tradition, linked to the young talents of international cycling, will continue with the 45th edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano, with about forty teams will be selected in the coming weeks to go to compose the group that you will present at the start, as
shown during the evening by the head of the organizing secretary, Roberto Villa: "This year, in the winter months, we have received numerous requests for participation from Italy and from abroad, and we will have to provide for the usual sorting to select the best that will receive our invitation. Even on 2 April we will have at the start teams of four athletes each: this will allow us to raise the bar and make it even more spectacular our race. "
Acting as helmsman, will as always Domenico Anselmo, who concluded: "Looking forward to see if he succeeds to Andrea Bagioli confirmed in first place already won last year on our waterfront, we wanted to here with us two young professionals savonesi
as Francesco and Leonardo Canepa that next month debuteranno, Donoratico and Laigueglia, including professionals with the shirt of GM Europe Sheep. with the hope that the good weather assist us, we expect you all on April 2 for living together again one day great cycling! "


01/18/2017 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano: Saturday, January 21 presents the 2017 edition!
Vernissage in style for the first international trial of the Italian junior calendar

It opens in the sign of the celebrations for the 40th anniversary of the 2017 Velo Club Loano Cycles Anselmo who will meet again Saturday, January 21, starting at 20:00 in the prestigious halls of the Loano 2 Village. And 'This is the occasion chosen by the Governing led by Domenico Anselmo to reveal even the 2017 edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano that on 2 April will bring the best talent in the cycling world to confront on the roads of the Riviera. The unmissable classic Savona, which this year will be the first international trial of the Italian junior calendar, continues to dream of greener hopes of the cycling world, confirming its real springboard towards professionalism. A curarne every aspect of the organization men of the Velo Club Loano Cycles Anselmo that in 2017 this will be a holder of the rosette of the wedding of emerald. "And 'now customary for us to open the international season of the Italian junior and this year we also have one more reason to celebrate our commitment to the youth cycling" announced Dominic Anselmo, President of Velo Club Loano Cycles Anselmo "Thanks to important confirmation that we received dall'Amminstrazione Comunale and our sponsors, for several months we set to work to prepare all the details of the race the next 2 April. we are proud to have received many requests for participation from all parts of the world in the coming weeks we will draw up a list of teams that will be invited at the starting line. " An evening full of prestigious guests, one that will be housed in the picturesque setting of the Loano 2 Village and will see the presence of representatives of local institutions, of many partners and the many collaborators of the Velo Club Loano - Anselmo cycles to toast to 40 Savona years of partnership and to launch the sprint to the 45th edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano




04/03/2016 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

Is Bagioli (CC Canturino) the winner of the Trofeo Città di Loano number 44!
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Arrival order (link pdf):
1. Bagiloli Andrea (CC Canturino) in 2:58:59 average 41,903 km/h
2. Bevilacqua Mattia (Team Franco Ballerini)
3. Monaco Alessandro (Convertini Junior Team)
4. Oldani Stefano (GB Junior Team) a 00:33s
5. Primozic Jaka (Team Sava Kranj)
6. Murgano marco (UC Casano)
7. Battistella Samuele (Cyberteam Breganze Group) a 00:38s
8. Kazanov Evgenu (Team Lokosfinks)
9. Caiati Aldo (Team LVF)
10. Belloni Manuel (Biringhello Bike Infinity Team)


04/01/2016 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano: here the 156 protagonists
Sunday returns in the Coast of the Palms the show of the first international italian cycling race for Junior
44° the Trofeo Città di Loano gets ready to ignite the passion for the two wheels on the roads of the Coast of the Palms; the first
international contest of the classified Italian calendar to the junior one, thanks to the splendid organizational direction of the Veil
Loano Club Cicli Anselmo, will see to the way Sunday 3 April, very 156 athletes, in representation of 39 formations and 8 various
nations. Between these they figure many of the boys who already have gone on target in this first end of 2016: it is the case of the
Piedmontese Michele Bertaina (Vigor) that it can boast to own assets a success and a third party place and of the former Italian champion
students Andrea Bagioli (Cc Canturino). A victory already in showcase also for the veronese Sebastiano Mantovani (Cipollini Assali
Stefen) for vicentini the Tommaso Campesan (Pressix P3 MitoSport) and Matteo Baseggio (Work Service), for the apulian Alessandro Monaco
(Convertini) and for the Albanian Jaku Klidi (Gc Romagnano Guerciotti).
Lighthouses aimed also at the foreign athletes in order to investigate of the attitudes beginning from the Slovene Jaka Primozic (Team
Sava Kranj) and of the Dutch Lars Van Der Berg (Willebrord) that not more late than a week makes has closed respective to the fourth and
eleventh place the Gent-Wevelgem Junior, valid which before test of Goblet of the Nations of category.
A real international test to follow with detail attention that, for how many they will not be able to enjoy the show from edge road, will
be told live, like by now from tradition, through the portal. “Little hours Lack by now to the arrival of the first teams
who will take part to our contest and Loano breathe already the atmosphere of the great eve” have commented a keen Domenico Anselmo
“The thick international participation will give the occasion to offer to the world the beautifulr image to us of our territory and of
our city: for our part we have put our best foot forward for having to the way, once again, the hopes more greens of the cycling of the
future, in order to create so to another splendid day of cycling”.
This the program of 44° the Trofeo Città di Loano:
Hours 8,30 - Opening secretariat
From hours 8,30 to hours 10,30 - Preliminary Operations of accreditation
Hours 11,30 - Technical Reunion
Hours 12,30 - Opening Sheet Signature
Hours 13,30 - Official departure Via Aurelia
Hours 16,30 approximately - Arrival
Hours 16,45 approximately - Awards


03/25/2016 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

"Trofeo Città di Loano first European examination" said Rino De Candido
Ct of Italian National Juniors Team, departing for the Gand-
Wevelgem already, look to the classic of Loano.

Who loves cycling never stops. Despite what happened in Brussels (Bel) in recent days, the world cycling is ready to live an intense
Sunday on the streets of Belgium. Planned, in addition to the Ghent Wevelgem reserved for professionals and elite women, Sunday, right on
the route of the first great classic of the North, it will also set aside for Nations Cup tests Under 23, junior and Junior Women.
There will also be training of junior Italian National Team directed by ct Rino De Candido, but already looks with confidence to the
Trofeo Città di Loano: "This first round of Nations Cup will serve to study especially as they move the other nationals. We know that,
especially Northern European Nations, already have some more in the legs than our guys. The Trofeo Città di Loano, instead, it will be an
international event that will allow us to understand something more about values, "remarked the ct of Italian National Junior Team that
this year has confirmed its presence in tow of the classic of the Riviera" the signs coming from Loano will be invaluable to go and
create the framework of the group that will be tasked with keeping the Tricolor on the occasion of the European and World Championships.
In particular, this first international race will be very useful in the perspective of Europeans, given the harshness of this process and
that it will allocate the continental title.
And the coach of the Italian national team arrives applaud the organizers of Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo: "this year did a great job and have been rewarded with the participation of numerous foreign teams. Our calendar would need to have many more events to this level because our guys can improve only if they have the opportunity to measure themselves against the best athletes out there. About the passion that the company of Domenico Anselmo puts in the organisation and promotion of a race that has become a point of reference for athletes, technicians and experts "concluded De Candido.
The 44° Trofeo Città di Loano, therefore, it is confirmed as a first appointment, renowned internationally for the Junior category: an event that, this year will be anticipated from the gala dinner held in the evocative setting of the Hotel Excelsior and that will allow fans to experience all the expectations and excitement of Eve in the company of the most prominent guests.


03/03/2016 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

The Trofeo Città di Loano will be more international than ever
Here the 40 teams at the start: a month at the start of the first race of the international Juniors calendar

Missing exactly a month at the start of the first race of the international Junior calendar the 44th Edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano which will take place next 3rd April, will be the most international ever for the classical savonese race reserved for young hopefuls of cycling's future.
"Once you have gathered the many requests that we received from all over the world, we have selected the best 40 teams to go to make up the large group who will line up at the starting line of the next 3rd April", said Domenico Anselmo, President of Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo. "It is with pleasure that we can announce that, in addition to the best Italian teams representing ten different regions, we will have as many as ten foreign teams to away from France, Indonesia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Switzerland and Russia. This is already a great victory for our staff who works for 365 days a year to the success of this event and, at the same time, an incentive to further improve the quality of our services to offer to all who will arrive in Loano the most beautiful image that our wonderful area has to offer."
Among the teams at the start we will see the GB Junior Team, the Work Service Brenta and the Polisportiva Monsummanese, the teams winners of the last three editions as well as the Slovenian national team and regional formations of the French Cote Azur and Bourgogne. Particular interest also arouses the participation of Indonesian CCN ACE Nice CCC Junior Cycling Team, based in Jakarta, which has among its objectives to develop and grow the Indonesian cycling and that, for the first time, will bring an Asian training on the riviera roads.
To Loano and the Riviera delle Palme, the 44° Trofeo Città di Loano will be, once again, a prestigious showcase that will allow the town of Loano to show itself in all its beauty to the entire world of two wheels

the teams list


11/30/2015 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ
Trofeo Città di Loano: launched the 2016 Edition
Niccolò Bonifazio: "this race is as beautiful as the Sanremo, hard as the Lombardy"


The Trofeo Città di Loano is a must for all juniors. A race fair as the Sanremo and as tough as the Lombardy "these are the words

with which Niccolò Bonifazio, the 22-year-old trader of Diano Marina that from 2016 will wear the colors of the Trek Factory Racing, triggered the
countdown ahead of the 44° Trofeo Città di Loano.
The first evidence of Italian junior international calendar, which will take place on Sunday, April 3, was unveiled Saturday during the
elegant gala dinner staged in Loano 2 Village by the Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo.
From the room directly overlooking the coast came cheers and words of praise for the staff headed by President Domenico Anselmo, like
those of the Mayor of Loano Luigi Pignocca: "Loano believes in sport as a vehicle for promotion of our beautiful territory. Events such
as the Trofeo Città di Loano represent the history and tradition of our city just for this even in 2016 the city administration will be
alongside the Velo Club Loano to give all the necessary support to achieve another great edition of this race. "
To reiterate the value of what has been achieved in more than four decades by the Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo, the sport councilor of
Loano, Remo Zaccaria who reiterated: "it is thanks to organizations such as the family Anselmo that sport enriches our tourist offer. I
can't thank Domenico and all his assistants for everything they do every year bringing in our city athletes from all over the world to
run here on our roads ".
Not surprisingly, as announced by the President of the provincial Committee of Savona of the FCI, Piero Zangani: "the Federation
acknowledged a merit at the Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo that will be delivered in an award ceremony scheduled for next December 5. It is a
prize that personally gives me a lot of satisfaction because it is thanks to this race that many years ago I went to the two wheels: the
passion and enthusiasm of Domenico and Carlo Anselmo are contagious ".
To unveil the first data of 44° Trofeo Città di Loano was President Domenico Anselmo who announced that it has received in recent weeks
already many requests of entries including ten teams from all over Europe: "for us it is an honor to receive with so many requests in
advance. It means that we have hit the mark, and that the name of Loano is matched to cycling across Europe. Even in 2016 will confirm
the path already faced in recent years because it is always revealed spectacular and technically very valid: make your selection will be
the slight slope leading to Pieve di Teco, the ascent of Boissano and finally the ascent at the crossroads Magliolo where scollinerà
just ten kilometers from the finish. "
Finally, applause for the guest of honor, Niccolò Bonifazio that with their successes are making dream Ligurian lovers of two wheels. "Last year
I showed that I can also compete over long distances: the 2016 for me it will be a very important season for this next week I will be in
retreat in Alicante with my new team to prepare for the debut and, of course, the Milan-Sanremo". Bonifazio, awarded by the Velo Club
Loano Cicli Anselmo, is one of the many champions of the two wheels that have been involved in junior categories at the Trofeo Città di
Loano "I've been running for two years but failed to win despite the first year I had gone on the run and the second came just seconds
from the handful of the best. This race has a special meaning for all the guys who are fortunate enough to ride – running at the start of
the season and is as beautiful as the Sanremo but, depending on the category, it is much more challenging. How to fix I would compare to
a Lombardy because here they always won very talented runners who are always confirmed among the pros" said Bonifazio.
The "Riviera delle Palme" awaits the protagonists of 44° Trofeo Città di Loano: next April 3 will be, once again, a big party in a sign
of the passion for cycling.

At the following addresses is available the video clip of the presentation:


11/26/2015 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ
Niccolò Bonifazio will hold it at baptism the Trofeo Città di Loano 2016
The professional from 2016 will wear the colors of the Trek Factory Racing
will be a guest of Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo

The Trofeo Città di Loano 2016 will be launched, Saturday night, under a lucky star, the young

champion of cycling, Niccolò Bonifazio; the athlete of Diano Marina (Im) that, after the first two seasons in the pros he spent playing for Lampre
Merida, starting next year competitions will wear the colors of the Trek Factory Racing, in fact, will be the special guest at the gala
evening with the usual passion from Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo.
The staff headed by President Domenico Anselmo will close a 2015 that gave great satisfaction, with the festive evening scheduled
Saturday 28 November starting at 20.00, in the elegant surroundings of Loano 2 Village. The occasion will be assuaged even to remove the
veils at the 2016 Edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano, the international race reserved for juniors, operational startup from Velo Club
Loano Cicli Anselmo will return next April, on the roads of the Riviera to give so many other emotions to the audience of two-wheeled
vehicles and to Crown the young talents of cycling's future.
"Niccolò Bonifazio is a symbol for us cyclists. We saw him grow through successes in the junior categories and we found also starred in the
highlights among professionals, "said Domenico Anselmo" You among the guests of our gala will be an honor for us and wants to be an
incentive for many boys that next April 3 will be called on to take the trophy city of Loano. As Niccolò was able to establish itself in
cycling that counts so they can make even those will highlight on our roads ".
Great hosts, clapping and lots of new things to discover: the Velo Club Loano not denied Saturday November 28 Cycles Anselmo will once
again, a big party in honor of two wheels!


11/20/2015 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ
Trofeo Città di Loano: Saturday 28 November comes the 2016 Edition!
Vernissage in a big way for the first international trial of Italian
junior calendar

Even in 2016 the Trofeo Città di Loano Italian Juniors will be the first international event calendar: once again, the

classic savonese operational startup with the usual passion from Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo that will take place next April 3, 2016
will be the ideal stage to highlight the qualities of the best hopes of the European cycling.
Looking forward to seeing the Riviera delle Palme repopulate of fans of two wheels, organizing staff led by Domenico Anselmo chose to
submit in advance the 44 ^ Edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano; the party that Saturday, November 28, starting at 20.00, will lower the
curtain on the 2015 season, in fact, will be an opportunity to present in absolute preview the details of the next challenge reserved for
juniors. "We are used to open the international Italian junior season and this year we decided to anticipate," said Domenico Anselmo
"Thanks to the significant confirmations we received from the Municipal Administration and by our sponsor, already for a few weeks we set
to work to prepare all race details of next April 3 that will bring back the best Juniors on our roads".
An evening full of prestigious guests, which will be held in the picturesque setting of Loano 2 Village and which will be attended by
representatives of local institutions, of the many partners and sponsors of the event and of the many collaborators of the Velo Club
Loano Cicli Anselmo; do not miss the great guests who take place in baptism the 44° Trofeo Città di Loano, the classic spring break for
juniors that even in 2016 will cross roads, entrances of law in the collective foot lovers dream the best talents of the category.


03/29/2015 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ
Loano : number of Michel Piccot
Spectacular race and always lively : public celebration on the streets of the Riviera

The 43 ° Trofeo Città di Loano crowns Michel Piccot (GB Team Castanese): the eighteen of Fenis, clinched with an action
overwhelming the first international race calendar junior Italian. Behind him, spaced just 27 "came the
Tuscan Daniel Savini (Romagnano Guerciotti) and Cuneo Matthew Sobrero (Bustese Olonia Verbania).
132 AT THE START - The return, after a year of forced stop, the classical savonese put in the yard by the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo
gathered the consensus of athletes and fans: well 132 athletes lined up on the start line with a good representation of
foreign formations that sparked further challenge already coveted by the best athletes in Europe.
The street, just after the minute of silence paid tribute to the memory of young Andrea Carolo, saw the group pushing immediately with
Decision on the accelerator: were enough, in fact, a few kilometers to attend the first flight of the day brought by nine

Rivarossa ( Vigor ) , Maarouf ( Casano ) , Angonnet ( Bourgogne ) , Biasion and Zanotto ( Pressix ) , Andrejas ( Radenska ) , Rosati ( Secom Forno Pioppi )
Piffaretti ( Biassono ) and Bagnoli ( Unicash ) have monopolized the lead throughout the first part that led to the caravan
Pieve di Teco . After 70 kilometers , to the nine tread were added five other strikers who , having escaped from the group,
reported in just a few rides on their trail : Oldani ( Castanese ) , Hjort ( Pytonpro ) , Baccio ( Secom Forno Pioppi ) , Nesi
( Romagnano Guerciotti ) and Mori ( Romagnano Guerciotti ) .

The advantage of the escape thus composed of 14 athletes took off to over 2'30 " away from the chasing group , but to weaken
the action of the attackers , were before the ramps of the climb of Boissano and , therefore , the far more demanding of Bivio Magliolo . the
reunification was realized precisely on the last climb of the day . Here , to place the decisive blow , were Michel Piccot ( GB Team
Castanese ) and Matthew Sobrero ( Bustese Olonia ) that the order exceeded the GPM place to fifteen kilometers from the line of
finish line . Downhill , Piccot was good at distancing Sobrero and fly away alone to the finish place on the waterfront of Loano ;
even the support of Savini and Dotti allowed the Cuneo to recover valdostano turned towards his first and
extraordinary success of the season . Further back , in dribs and drabs , came , all the best of the day.

VOICES FROM THE ARRIVAL - Enthusiasm to the stars for Michel Piccot joint, almost incredulously , at the finish line of Loano packed audience :
" I did not expect really . I managed to make a difference in the final part of the climb with Sobrero . Then downhill I am
immediately threw down headlong , and in the end , despite the fatigue , I managed to keep the advantage and to arrive alone. win
here is beautiful , it is a dream come true , still do not believe it . "

On a day blessed with a warm spring sun , success for the organizers of the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo :
"today we reported the great cycling in Loano and the response of the people was really
extraordinary " commented with satisfaction at the end of the day Domenico Anselmo " See these guys battle it up
last breath before an audience so it was a great emotion that has paid off many of the efforts made in these
months to organize this competition . A race that no longer has to miss in the event calendar of Loano . I want to thank the
athletes , all my colleagues , the many sponsors and , especially , the institutions , in the front row the City of Loano , for the support and
support they have given us . And ' thanks to them today we had a great day of sport. "

Finishing order :
1° Michel Piccot (GB Team Castanese)
122 km in 2h58'50 " to the average of 40.932 km/h
2° Daniel Savini (Romagnano Guerciotti) a 27"
3° Matteo Sobrero (Bustese Olonia Verbania)
4° Ottavio Dotti (Cc Canturino)
5° Nicola Conci (Team LVF) a 58"
6° Alessandro Covi (Cc Cremonese)
7° Alessandro Monaco (Convertini Junior Team)
8° Andreas Nielsen (Team Pytonpro) a 1'03"
9° Riccardo Donadello (Biringhello) a 1'07"
10° Simone Piccolo (GB Team Castanese)


03/27/2015 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano : Sunday we run!
In all, 144 athletes will be enrolled for the classic reserved for juniors

It will be the first international trial of the Italian calendar reserved for juniors : 43 ° Trofeo Città di Loano you
On Sunday, on the roads of the Riviera will see at the start of the best views for the first European youth
real test weblog 2015 .
The competition staged by the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo , which will be followed closely, as the Italian coach of
category , Rino De Candido , between 144 athletes entered , there will be some guys the most of the moment that
have already had to cheer for a success in the first few weeks of racing . And ' the case of Larian Ottavio
Dotti ( Cc Canturino 1902) , the Varese Alessandro Covi ( Cc Cremonese 1891) , the Bergamo Nicolò Brescianini ( Ciclistica
Trevigliese ) , the Tuscan Nicolas Nesi ( Romagnano Guerciotti ) and Verona Carloalberto Giordani ( MCipollini Assali
Stefen ) : all winners of a race in recent weeks and the hunt for the prestigious bis own in Loano .
There is also great anticipation to see the work of the many formations foreign staff picks organizer led by
Domenico Anselmo for embellishing lot of starters : the race savonese that after a short transfer will start at
13:30 promises and therefore show great emotions along all scheduled 121.5 km from scanned before long
piedmont of Pieve di Teco and then climbs from Boissano and Bivio Magliolo . As usual you can follow the
competition live through the story text edited by portal , while the best photos
will be present during the next week in all national and local television sections most popular
by motorcycle enthusiasts .
"It will be a challenge that will bring back the beautiful celebration of cycling the most beautiful and fun on our roads to
a week
away from the spectacle of the Milan - Sanremo " reiterated Domenico Anselmo , soul and engine of the event ," I want
thank as of now the authorities and the sponsors who have supported us and the many contributors that Sunday with passion
will contribute to the success of the race . We will have to route the best of European youth cycling , who
able to cross the finish line first will , no doubt , also a bright future in professional cycling . "
I have an appointment , then , to Sunday, March 29 , when , in the heart of Loano , from 12:30 pm will open
preparations and signature sheet . At around 16:30 , however , is expected to arrive on the best of the group
Promenade of Loano .


03/18/2015 - press release-Trofeo Città di Loano-Junior race Uci 1.1 MJ

Trofeo Città di Loano: 37 teams at the start next March 29!
Even the italian national ct Rino De Candido in the wake of the race to select athletes for the Juinior Nation Cup

Italian junior season prepares to get into live: waiting for the first international race in Loano (Sv) next March 29, after the first two days of competition is already time to trace the first analyses which make it possible to assess the values fielded by so many teams that work with passion in the category.

"In these first two weeks, we have seen many first-year guys who knew how to impose itself with authority even more mature rivals. Often" words are those of italian national ct Rino De Candido who has closely followed some early rounds of 2015 and that the next March 29, will be accompanying the Trofeo Città di Loano to see the" azzurrabili "to convene ahead of the Paris-Roubaix Juniors that the 12 April will officially open the Juniors Nations Cup.
"The Trofeo Città di Loano is a welcome return because it represents a first and demanding international test for our kids" continued De Candido "it is no coincidence that these roads are always imposed promising athletes and great value. I am sure that even this year the Riviera delle Palme will precious indications is to understand the State of Italian athletes form both to assess the strength of the foreign teams with which we will be called to face in Nations Cup, World Championships and European Championships.

In all 37 teams will be at the start of the 2015 Edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano: 30 Italian formations to which you will add seven foreign teams from Slovenia, Denmark, France, Austria, Holland and Russia.

"This year we will organize a competition from strong international vocation" announced Domenico Anselmo, President of Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo "after all requests for participation that we received during these months we have been forced to make a selection for fall in numbers granted by the technical regulations. In the light of the first results of the season we are convinced that we will have to go a bunch of great quality that can honor the Blazon of this competition and offer entertainment and emotions to our sporty audience. We have noted with pleasure the interest shown by the press and by teams from across Europe, a sign that our race has centered its objective which is, and remains, to promote the beauty and excellence of a unique area like that of Savona offering the possibility for young hopes the movement of two wheels of confrontation on the streets who have written some of the most important pages of the history of cycling.

Clik here to see the 37 teams invited to the Trofeo Città di Loano 2015.


03/15/2015 - Press Release - 43 ° Trofeo Città di Loano - Cycling Race Junior UCI MJ 1.1
Simone Velasco : the Trofeo Città di Loano and the Strade Bianche

It was April 7, 2013 and a young Simone Velasco , the second year among juniors , gave sight to the Trofeo Città di Loano going up with the best on the ramps of the GPM Magliolo , making a difference in the descent that leads back to the Aurelia and coming in lonely place at the finish line , as tradition dictates , on the promenade of Loano .

" That was my first international victory ," he recalls with the runner from Bologna who will return today to wear the shirt of the Italian national team to take part in the program on the gravel roads Strade Bianche in Siena " The City of Loano Trophy is organized impeccably here you can breathe the air of the big event , and , for this reason, has remained in my heart . it ' a very demanding race that allows so many guys to test themselves , but at the same time , is open to runners with characteristics also very different from each other . Then we run on a track that offers a lot of fun but also challenging climbs down very fast and it was down that day I managed to take off to reach the finish line in solitary . "

Trofeo Città di Loano , also on March 29 , will return to serve as a springboard to the dreams of the most talented athletes on the international scene reinventing the classic track of 121.5 km with the first part wavy along the slight slope that leads up in Pieve di Teco , through the beautiful streets in the Ligurian hinterland , and the end of the race much more challenging that , after switching from Loano , propose before climbing Boissano and therefore to Magliolo .

Charming streets that seem specifically designed to cradle the dreams of young juniors who come from all parts of Europe : " It has a certain effect to think that less than two years ago was winning in Loano and now I'm ready for a new challenge among professionals . This means that in Loano not win by chance and that dreams can come true , " insists Simone Velasco won the last edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano this year donning the colors of Zalf Euromobil Désirée Fior but that is already on the notebook several professional training for the upcoming season, " For me it's always an honor to wear the shirt of the national team . Do it in a great classic like the Strade Bianche is really a pleasure ; at the end of the season i would have a chance to run the world championships under 23 : everything depends on me , then , as I did in Loano , I have to go fast and win the necessary results on the road to earn this place . "

And looking to juniors that will debut tomorrow on the road and that this year regaleranno show at Trofeo Città di Loano , adds : " These guys hope to have fun as I did two years ago . The result in a race like this is always important but what counts most is giving the maximum to shine without any fear . "


02/11/2015 - Press Release - 43 ° Trofeo Città di Loano - Cycling Race Junior UCI MJ 1.1

Junior: the best in Europe at the start of the Trofeo Città di Loano!
Organizers working to sift through the many requests for participation reached in recent weeks

There will be the best of European cycling at the start of the Trofeo Città di Loano that , on March 29 , will see the

juniors at work on the roads of the Riviera .

OVER 50 REQUESTS - The first race on the Italian international calendar juniores , in fact , has attracted the best teams of

the continent that will land in Loano to play for a success that may be worth a whole season are over fifty , in fact ,

requests for participation clasped in recent weeks from all parts of Europe to the secretariat of the Velo Club Loano Cicli

Anselmo .

A true sign of esteem , against the very classical for juniors , the one sent by the leaders of many Italian and foreign

companies that have expressed willingness to take part in the event that always fascinates and makes you dream the best

talent in international cycling .

" It ' was very beautiful and meaningful touch what the whole environment of the two wheels , not only Italian but

internationally , is linked to this race ," said Domenico Anselmo , whose experience is driving the entire organizational

machine to the 43 edition " the many requests we have received and continue to receive , not only from Italy but also from

France , Germany, Holland , Belgium , Denmark , Slovenia and Austria , give us the enthusiasm and motivation to try to

improve again . Unfortunately , for the limits imposed by the UCI regulations , we can not satisfy all the companies put

themselves forward : we have already begun the work of selection of teams that will be allowed at the start, it is not an

easy task , but certainly we can say that we will race in the strongest athletes in circulation .

Loano return , therefore , this year to be the first real test for the international junior : a test that promises thick

technical and competitive , that will give the first indications of the different national technicians in view of the

evidence of the Nations Cup but also of the European and World Championships category .

REMINDER - If the news about the path of the 43rd edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano are still kept under strict secrecy

in the secretariat of the Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo , there is an important change that regards, however , the prize

money for the best the finish. In addition to the usual and rich endowment of the race loanese , in fact , this year will

add a special award to the company of the winner : the picture in silver , representing the heart of Loano , which will be

delivered to the leaders of the winner , will be named in memory of Giovanni , the father of Domenico Anselmo . A duty to

remember one of the first fans who have followed and supported the race , thanks to its contribution , has become over the

years a genuine pearl inserted in the international program of the juniors .

Tradition , memory and a look to the future : Sunday, March 29 , pedaling to the Trofeo Città di Loano , will be the

greenest hopes of European cycling!


2015: returns the Trofeo Città di Loano!
The classic will be the first international race of the italian juniors new season

Good news for the cycling world youth : in 2015 the Trofeo Città di Loano will return to enrich the calendar junior Italian

. After a year of stop , in fact , classical savonese put in the yard by the staff of the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo

timely return in the spring to reopen the international season for the youngest .

" Loano confirms once more a city sensitive to the great sport and from 2015 will again host this event that has always

brought success to the entire Riviera" announced Domenico Anselmo , President of Velo Club Loano Cicli Anselmo after '

meeting with local administrators and their collaborators " First we have to thank once again the City of Loano who

generously has confirmed its support to our company in the organization of an event as complex as is the Trofeo Città di

Loano . The intention is to give life to another exciting edition which will see the way the best of European cycling for a

long day of sport and celebration. the city administration has been shown to believe in the promotion of the region through

international sporting events and also for us the goal will be to set up an event technically sound and captivating able to

bear the name of Loano worldwide . "

The appointment with the Trofeo Città di Loano is fixed , therefore , to Sunday, March 29 when the streets of Savona will

focus the spotlight of the world juniors to crown the successor of famous names such as Diego Ulissi , Daniele Ratto , Luca

Wackermann , Umberto Orsini and Simone Velasco who over the years have been able to cross the finish line with his arms

raised loanese and earned a place on the Olympus of cycling.

Tradition , glamor , spectacle and the warm embrace of Liguria : Trofeo Città di Loano , which this year will also be valid

as Giovanni Anselmo Memorial in memory of one of the biggest supporters of the race fans , is ready to make a dream again

once athletes , enthusiasts and fans .




number of Velasco to the Trofeo Città di Loano!
The boy of the Work Service off all uphill and came in perfect solitude to Loano


video synthesis (5 minutes)

After the progression of Umberto Orsini , to make the difference has been the explosion of Simon Velasco : this is the guy in the Work Service to dominate the edition number 42 of the Trofeo Città di Loano . A number of great talent, scored by Simone Velasco , who saluted the company of the best of the day on the ramps Magliolo digging between himself and the rest of the group an impassable chasm for everyone.

Before the solo of Velasco, the pearl of the Riviera delle Palme International had reserved a fast running hard fought , slipped to a record average of just under 41 km / h . Just before the entrance to the ascent of Boissano take off in seven Mattia Pastorino ( GB Junior Team) , Giacomo Rostagno ( Esperia Piasco ) , Nicolas Pietra and Gabriele Ricci ( Romagnano) , Ilia Voloshenko (Russia) , Pietro Anderoletti ( Aurea Zanica ) and Martino Bertaia ( Villadose Angelo Gomme) on which shows the Frenchman Antoine Raynaud (Club Limousin ) .
Action very interesting , their , blocked though the group for the final climb of the day , that of Magliolo : to light the fuses are Jeremy Defaye (Cote d' Azur) and Luca Merelli ( Bergamo ) on which part of the first Simone Velasco (Work Service). The boy directed by ds Marco Gemin soon proves to have the brightness and shot pedals needed to fly away alone to the finish line : strength and courage, the bearer of the Work Service does not think twice and goes, passing at the junction of Magliolo with 30 " ahead of the more immediate pursuers.

The descent and the final no surprises and the last mile on the seafront of Loano , offers a well-deserved honor walkway to Velasco. A 33 "come Rupiani , Bagioli , Defaye and Montagnoli that sprints for second place and cross the finish line in that order.

Second win of the season for Simone Velasco "I am delighted to have won this goal that was one of my first season objectives ," he explained after the finish line as winner , satisfied for confirming the good things he had already demonstrated during the 2012 season , " I knew I was well, in the race I found the confirmation I was looking for , and when I accelerated my opponents have failed to keep up with me . "

Also met Domenico Anselmo and Michelino Davico who celebrated another great edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano " This year the boys were not spared and gave an afternoon of great cycling . You do not win by accident , we knew that Velasco and Rupiani were among the favorites of the vigil and we are happy that the path has confirmed the value of these talents of Italian cycling on our part we can not record another organizational success and the overall success of a partnership that has already begun to bear their fruits. "

full UCI official arrival

1° Simone Velasco (Work Service)
che compie i 128 km in 3h04'45" alla media dei 41.570 km/h
2° Daniel Rupiani (Cipollini Assali Stefen) a 33"
3° Nicola Bagioli (Canturino 1902)
4° Jeremi Defaye (Cote d'Azur)
5° Andrea Montagnoli (Team Palma Cipriani e Gestri)
6° Luca Merelli (Uc Bergamasca) a 1'39"
7° Lorenzo Rota (Aurea Zanica) a 1'47"
8° Riccardo Bennati (GB Junior Team) a 1'50"
9° Simone Guizzetti (Team Giorgi) a 1'54"
10° Luca Zullo (Team Palma Cipriani e Gestri) a 2'00"



press release - 42° Trofeo Città di Loano - -


4/5/2013 - press release - 42° Trofeo Città di Loano

Loano, you will ride in memory of Massimo Gemme
Ready for the list of members, via the best Juniors of Europe

It's all ready to Loano to host the 42 ^ International trophy reserved for juniors, when comes the news that one of the friends of the classic Savona, which over the years, with their commitment, helped bring this run at the highest levels has greeted all to fly towards the sky. Most Gems, estimated the Organization Director, would have been happy to iterate through the list of members of the race which will be staged on the Riviera delle Palme and certainly Sunday will have a front row seat to enjoy from above the spectacle offered by 160 athletes expected at the start.

"Sunday will be in memory of Massimo" announced John Anselmo, President of Velo Club Loano-Anselmo "Cycles thanks to his contribution to Loano has become an appreciated internationally. Will always be in our hearts. "

The favourites at the START-and it will be a real spectacle of colors and sounds, that put in the pipeline by the Velo Club Loano-Anselmo Cycles in collaboration with Monviso-Venice, that will freshen up for a day in the streets of Budapest: 160 athletes who will arise at the start, all the most anticipated of the season starting with the veronese Daniel cheap and cheerful (Cipollini Stefen Axles), winner of two races in this glimpse of 2013 and the bergamasco Lorenzo Rota (Aurea Zanica), always on the podium in the first weeks of races.

The Trofeo Città di Loano will have a particular taste for Yuri column (Fosco Bessi), second three times already this season and decided to take revenge in the first release. Spotlight on Simon Velasco (Work Service), Franco Carlo (Junior Team) and Matthias Viel (Ucab Biella), three of the most crystalline talents of Italian nursery and Daniel Machado (Ciclimontanini), Italian champion among graduate students last year.

Do not underestimate even the foreign team that can count on Slovenians Radenska Team, led by Matic Safaric, team Côte d'Azur and French Club Monaco on Uc Limousin and the Russian national team athletes. Speech aside, finally, for the Danish Team that line up among its ranks even Rune Andersen and Marcus Bonlykke already play a big role Sunday Dondeo Cup in Cremona closed respectively in second and fifth place.

HOW to FOLLOW the RACE-As remembered by ct blue, Rino De Candido, the Trofeo Città di Loano will be for all the first testbed at an international level, useful for figuring out the balance in view of Florence World Championships: a challenge that promises to be spectacular and uncertain until the last kilometer. This year the race can be followed live on the web portal text and on the official website of race Don't miss the highlights-videos that will be broadcast on Monday evening from 20.00 within BikeShow on Italy Channel (Freeview Channel 84) and Thursday evening inside RadioCorsa on RaiSport2 (58 digital terrestrial Channel).


4/3/2013 - press release - 42° Trofeo Città di Loano

Trofeo Città di Loano, growing waiting!
Parterre de roi at the start, the program opens Saturday with the gala

Growing waiting for the Trofeo Città di Loano, international race reserved to juniors that Sunday April 7 will celebrate its 42nd Edition: a race filled with great starring that put in the pipeline by the Velo Club Loano-Anselmo Cycles in collaboration with ASD Monviso Venice that has already brought to attention the many fans of two-wheelers on the Riviera delle Palme.

Sunday, to be entered on the roll of honour of the classic Savona, there will be the name of the heir of Umberto Orsini, winner last year in Loano, then which continued one of the most prominent talents of Italian cycling capable of imposing itself on the international scene as one of the greenest promises of our cycling movement.

"Loano is now all set to welcome the more than forty teams that we will have to start Sunday," explained Domenico Anselmo, President of Velo Club Loano-Anselmo Cycles "this week came also the Sun, we hope that on Sunday there is favorable weather and let us live another good day of sport".

Sport, sun, sea and lots of passion: these are the ingredients that make it unique in its kind and full of charm the Trofeo Città di Loano. A race of whom fell in love with Michelino Davico, President of ASD Monviso-Venice "Trofeo Città di Loano represents, in the collective imagination, a sort of Milan-Sanremo cycling hopes for the future. For this, we responded enthusiastically to the appeal of the Velo Club Loano and we started with satisfaction this cooperation which, I am sure, will give many fruits and will allow this race to acquire further visibility ".

Also this year, to open the program of the Trofeo Città di Loano, there will be the usual presentation evening which will bring together authorities, staff Organizer great guests at the Hotel Excelsior in Loano (Sv): a veritable "Preview" of the Trofeo Città di Loano which will be the prologue to race that Sunday will see the best junior players in Europe.

This is the program of 42° Trofeo Città di Loano:

Saturday 6 April 2013
20.00 - Gala dinner - Hotel Excelsior Loano

Sunday 7 April 2013
8.30 - opening secretariat - Municipio, Piazza Italia 1, Loano
11.30 - technical meeting - Municipio, Piazza Italia 1, Loano
12.30 - opening Signature Sheet - Piazza Italia 1, Loano
13.20 - unofficial departure - Piazza Italia 1, Loano
13.30 - official departure - Via Aurelia, Loano
16.30 - arrival - Corso Roma (lungomare), Loano
16.45 - ceremony - Corso Roma (lungomare), Loano


3/29/2013 - press release - 42° Trofeo Città di Loano

Loano: where champions are born ...
This is demonstrated by statistics, who is the protagonist in Loano reaches the pro

Also this year, the Trofeo Città di Loano, will be the first international junior classic calendar appointment, rich in history and charm, that will call on the streets of Riviera delle Palme cycling's best hopes for the future.

To confirm the value of the classic race reserved for juniors, have come in these days, the results of a survey that revealed how many of the guys who have been among the protagonists of the Trofeo Città di Loano are then landed successfully turned professional. No need to go too far back with the memory to remember, for example, the order of arrival of the 2006 Edition, when winning was Daniele Ratto (professional Team Cannondale today) and on the third step of the podium went up Adriano Malori (athlete wearing the colors of Lampre Merida). Among professionals, always the ranks of Lampre, have made their appearance even Enrico Magazzini (fourth at Loano in 2006) and Diego Ulissi which in Loano rose her arms to the sky in 2007. In the same year, the silver medal went to Davide Appollonio (now Professional with the Team Sky) and fifth placed Stefano Agostini who, having won the Italian title in the under-23 joined turned professional with the Cannondale pro cycling team.

Today dress the colours of Bardiani CSF, Enrico Barbin, second at Loano in 2008, while Luca Wackerman, who won the 2009 Edition, is one of the most valued talents of Lampre Merida. Among professionals, with the Jersey of Ceramica Flaminia Fondriest, include Andrea Fedi (fifth at Loano in 2009) and Andrea Manfredi (second at Loano in 2010). But the "brand" of the Trofeo Città di Loano, also applies to foreigners: the French Jimmy Raibaud (second at Loano in 2009), in fact, joined the Ag2r La Mondiale while Russian Mikhail Akimov (third at Loano in 2010), after moving to Katusha, today defends the colours of team continental Helicopters.

"It's a very long list and full of memories," remember Domenico Anselmo, President of Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo "But I think in the next few years that will stretch further because guys like Chirico, Trosino, Masnada, Garosio, Petilli, Orsini, Peroni, Troia and Consonni have already had the opportunity to shine among the under in the coming years and I hope to see them at the start of the most important races among the pros."

No doubt, Michelino Davico, President of Asd Monviso Venice which from this year will work in the classic race "the race in Loano is famous worldwide for its location and for its own history: on these roads you don't win ever for the event. So many guys up and landed the professionalism, after given show in Loano are the confirmation that during these years the Velo Club Loano - Cicli Anselmo has worked very well. That is also why we thought it appropriate to intervene to be alongside these great fans at a difficult time as what we are going through ".

Sunday 7 April approaches, the Trofeo Città di Loano waits only to Crown the best junior international scene to project them to a future as protagonists in the world of two-wheelers.

03/14/2013 - Press Release - 42 ° Trophy Town of Loano

De Candido " A Loano the first test of the season"
Confirmed the way, the coach of the Italian national team expects a final limited ranks

Missing now 25 days to go official City Trophy Loano that next April 7 blow out 42 candles : After the official list of teams that will be at the start of the first international Italian calendar reserved for juniors, the Velo Club Loano - Cycles Anselmo, in collaboration with the Monviso Asd - Venice has also referred to the last details of the race track . " Never change a winning path that " have told the men of Dominic Anselmo confirm that this year the 127 km in the last editions gave entertainment, excitement and great names to be included in the prestigious list of winners of the Riviera delle Palme.

" In the first part will deal with the slight slope that leads to Pieve di Teco , then rientreremo Loano to address ramps Boissano and, finally , climb on Bivio Magliolo , the rise in recent years has always meant the decisive selection " explained President of Velo Club Loano - Cycles Anselmo "After Gpm the best athletes in the meet by just descent and a short flat stretch last year has been the bridge of honor for the lonely ride Umberto Orsini " concluded Dominic Anselmo.

Positive comment of coach of the Italian national junior team Rino De Candido that during the course of  this week has called some of the best Italian talent, the training camp for the first Montichiari technical assessments in view of the most important races of the season. " Loano will be the first real test of 2013 " anticipated De Candido " This is a great race that offers a technical and demanding. This allows you to see the work of the best juniors and always have a full order of arrival of big names. Is no a coincidence that the podium last year understood three boys who then also part of the Italian team that raced in the world championship of Valkenburg . "

Even if you miss the appointment champion still many months of Florence, Loano , in short, will have to breathe the air of the great events "It 's normal to be so ," resumed De Candido " A race with the characteristics of the City Trophy Loano gathers always begins in the best juniors from all over Europe . Whoever wins here does not win a case. " And just about the end of the 42 ° Trophy Town of Loano the coach, who has already announced its intention to monitor closely the Ligurian race has their own opinion " The first races of 2013 have brought to light some very interesting athletes . The view of the climbers, compared to last year , seems to be more homogeneous. a prediction ? I hope it gets a group of three or four riders in the sprint. would be a great show for the audience that you always come across on the seafront of Loano and if they were all Italians , it would mean that we could count on a handful of athletes very interesting in view of the objectives that we want to hit with the national team. "

The City Trophy Loano is ready to take up the challenge license plate 2013: the box of April 7 is already circled in red on the calendar of the best juniors from across Europe, who will be the first to cross the finish line ?


3/6/2013-press release - 42° Trofeo Città di Loano

Trofeo Città di Loano: 44 teams!
One month from the start, the opening classic of the junior international calendar has the sold-out

Missing by now little more than a month at the start of the 42nd Edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano and already the first international junior classic calendar did register the sold-out. List of full members, in fact, that made these days by the Velo Club Loano-Anselmo Cycles that includes 44 teams, of which eight foreigners "again this year, what will be the starting tapes, will be a multilingual and multicolored group" commented Domenico President Anselmo "Trofeo Città di Loano sarà un international meeting in all respects. We have selected only the teams with the best credentials for the most promising youth of Italy and Europe for what will be the first test of the season on the path which over the years has proved valid and technically demanding the right spot ".

To win the laurels gained by Umberto Orsini in 2012 will be the rider of Monsummanes who must contend with the best Italian teams including Team F.lli Giorgi, the Biringhello Cycling Team and Aurea Zanica who won the competition in 2008, respectively, is in 2009 and 2011. To compose the thick ranks of foreigners who landed in the Riviera di Ponente, in addition to regional French teams on the French Riviera and the Limousin, also the national teams of Russia and Uzbekistan, the Monk, the UC Team Lokosphinx Radenska and the Python Team that will come with a large group of supporters directly from Denmark.

A race full of points of interest, in short, that will also see the Director of ASD Monviso-Venice, intervened this year alongside Velo Club Loano "Trofeo Città di Loano is known throughout the world for its charm and its history" Michelino Davico stressed "in order to assist in the realization of this competition allows our society to become part of the World Junior Championships in one of the most brilliant showcases the international calendar".

The appointment with the Trofeo Città di Loano is set for next April 7, the countdown has already begun: already by Sunday, the Word will go down in the street, the asphalt will be to record the names of the first winners of the junior 2013 that will also be the main suspects for the ultimate success in the Pearl of the Riviera delle Palme.

The 44 teams to 42° Trofeo Città di Loano are here


2/19/2013 - press release - 42nd Trofeo Città di Loano

Trofeo Città di Loano, April 7 date!
The junior race presented during the Gala dinner of the Trofeo Laigueglia

Junior season has yet to take off but in Loano (Sv), in the Riviera di Ponente, have already begun preparations ahead of the first international contest junior calendar: April 7, will be the 42nd Edition of the Trofeo Città di Loano.

The classic for juniors that will open the youth cycling season, was presented during the gala dinner that preceded the via del Trofeo Laigueglia: to climb on stage, together with the organiser Domenico Anselmo and the Mayor of Loano, Luigi Pignocca, was Michelino Davico that has formalized the partnership that will combine in booth of the Trofeo Città di Loano-Loano Club veil Anselmo Cycles and Asd Monviso-Venice "For Loano this event represents an international showcase essential "stressed the first citizen, Luigi Pignocca who added" I want to congratulate Abdullah and with the staff of the Velo Club Loano for having proposed this race even in 2013, despite all the economic difficulties. The entry of Monviso-Venice, then, represents a further guarantee of quality. "

Appointment, then, set for Sunday, April 7, when, in Loano (Sv) will be the protagonists of Italy the best juniors to play a success that can be worth a full season: "last year, on this road the young Umberto Orsini did the dress rehearsal ahead of the Italian Championship that has won in Trentino and on the podium with him climbed two other boys of great value such as Peroni and Derry" Davico commented "we decided to join the Velo Club Loano-Anselmo Cycles in this organization because we believe in the potential of this race and why, in the philosophy of Monviso-Venice, there is the resolve to propose high-level cycling at 360° ". Not only professionals, so with the Trofeo Città di Loano who joins branded organisations Monviso, in the wake of the Trofeo Laigueglia and Menton-Alassio which held banco in last weekend.

Excited about the joint venture with the Monviso, even John Anselmo, Director of highly experienced organization and soul of Velo Club Loano-Anselmo "Cycles set up youth competition is increasingly difficult because of traffic issues and the difficult economic moment. The support of local administrators and the support offered by the staff of the Monviso Venice make us look forward with confidence and enable us to plan with confidence not only this, but also the forthcoming editions of the Trofeo Città di Loano ".

Many other new that will concern the Pearl of the Riviera delle Palme: Meanwhile are gracing copious requests for registrations, with 40 bands from all parts of Europe, who have already obtained a laissez-passer to align itself to start next April, 7 in Italy Square in Loano.




Press Office - 42nd Trofeo Città di Loano - -

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