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number of Velasco to the Trofeo Cittą di Loano!
The boy of the Team Work Service off all uphill and came in perfect solitude to Loano


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After the progression of Umberto Orsini , to make the difference has been the explosion of Simon Velasco : this is the guy in the Work Service to dominate the edition number 42 of the Trofeo Cittą di Loano . A number of great talent, scored by Simone Velasco , who saluted the company of the best of the day on the ramps Magliolo digging between himself and the rest of the group an impassable chasm for everyone.

Before the solo of Velasco, the pearl of the Riviera delle Palme International had reserved a fast running hard fought , slipped to a record average of just under 41 km / h . Just before the entrance to the ascent of Boissano take off in seven Mattia Pastorino ( GB Junior Team) , Giacomo Rostagno ( Esperia Piasco ) , Nicolas Pietra and Gabriele Ricci ( Romagnano) , Ilia Voloshenko (Russia) , Pietro Anderoletti ( Aurea Zanica ) and Martino Bertaia ( Villadose Angelo Gomme) on which shows the Frenchman Antoine Raynaud (Club Limousin ) .
Action very interesting , their , blocked though the group for the final climb of the day , that of Magliolo : to light the fuses are Jeremy Defaye (Cote d' Azur) and Luca Merelli ( Bergamo ) on which part of the first Simone Velasco (Work Service). The boy directed by ds Marco Gemin soon proves to have the brightness and shot pedals needed to fly away alone to the finish line : strength and courage, the bearer of the Work Service does not think twice and goes, passing at the junction of Magliolo with 30 " ahead of the more immediate pursuers.

The descent and the final no surprises and the last mile on the seafront of Loano , offers a well-deserved honor walkway to Velasco. A 33 "come Rupiani , Bagioli , Defaye and Montagnoli that sprints for second place and cross the finish line in that order.

Second win of the season for Simone Velasco "I am delighted to have won this goal that was one of my first season objectives ," he explained after the finish line as winner , satisfied for confirming the good things he had already demonstrated during the 2012 season , " I knew I was well, in the race I found the confirmation I was looking for , and when I accelerated my opponents have failed to keep up with me . "

Also met Domenico Anselmo and Michelino Davico who celebrated another great edition of the Trofeo Cittą di Loano " This year the boys were not spared and gave an afternoon of great cycling . You do not win by accident , we knew that Velasco and Rupiani were among the favorites of the vigil and we are happy that the path has confirmed the value of these talents of Italian cycling on our part we can not record another organizational success and the overall success of a partnership that has already begun to bear their fruits. "

full UCI official arrival

1° Simone Velasco (Work Service)
che compie i 128 km in 3h04'45" alla media dei 41.570 km/h
2° Daniel Rupiani (Cipollini Assali Stefen) a 33"
3° Nicola Bagioli (Canturino 1902)
4° Jeremi Defaye (Cote d'Azur)
5° Andrea Montagnoli (Team Palma Cipriani e Gestri)
6° Luca Merelli (Uc Bergamasca) a 1'39"
7° Lorenzo Rota (Aurea Zanica) a 1'47"
8° Riccardo Bennati (GB Junior Team) a 1'50"
9° Simone Guizzetti (Team Giorgi) a 1'54"
10° Luca Zullo (Team Palma Cipriani e Gestri) a 2'00"



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